The Global Equipping Centre

The vision of The Global Equipping Centre (GEC) is to develop and communicate innovative principles and strategies for those involved in the government, education, business and non-profit sectors. 

The methodologies for these concepts have been communicated through TV, simulcast, radio, print, individuals and groups.  The three-fold strategy of the research of the needs of the four sectors, along with the development and testing of the accuracy of the curriculum, have been through executive coaching, tailored-made courses/innovative seminars and through organizational consulting.

David Wilkinson

David Wilkinson, American Citizen and devoted South African resident for 6 years, is a renowned international speaker and consultant in the realms of government, business, non-profit and education. 

After receiving his B.A and a M.A., he pursued avenues in developing curriculum and training executives regarding exponential and visionary leadership principles.  His courses have impacted leaders on every continent of the world.

Career objectives have encompassed a plethora of multi-media avenues for the direct and indirect forms of communication to leaders globally.  This includes, but is not limited to:

  • In Person: Extensive travel and training experience including Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia and the US.
  • Radio: Live and taped broadcast training with over sixty-three stations that included coverage in fifteen states and ten countries.
  • Television/Simulcast/Cable Networks: Live and taped interviews, executive coaching and leadership guidance broadcasted across the US and to over one hundred and twenty countries.
  • Printed Materials/ Tapes/ CD/ VHS/ DVD: Direct and indirect influence on produced curriculum and its exposure globally.

David has personally launched 22 multi-national companies, with up to R300m generated revenue and 20% net profit successes.

Having trained Fortune 500 Executives at the Global Automotive Conference and spoken at an International Academic Conference where he presented 7 major papers he brings both the theoretical and the practical together with an innovative flare.  His 17 years’ experience as a speaker to millions across the world has given him the unique experience as a motivational speaker who can also develop and market creative seminars and courses.

David has spearheaded such ground breaking initiatives as the planting of ½ million gardens which raised millions of dollars for poverty alleviation.

He has impacted leaders of nations, including pre-eminent kings and ministers in Southern African countries and is the author of thousands of pre-published sales of the incredible entrepreneurial book ‘Creating Momentum in your Sphere of Influence: Becoming An Entrepreneurial Vortex’.

David is the Executive Director of The Global Equipping Centre.  The company offers motivational speaking, one day seminars, strategic planning sessions, business consulting and executive coaching.

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