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Creating Momentum in Your Sphere of Influence:

Becoming an Entrepreneurial Vortex 

Would you like to grow your business exponentially? 

Then you need an intangible quality called Momentum! What is it, how do you utilise it effectively and what can it do for your business? 

David Wilkinson in his book – “Creating Momentum in Your Sphere of Influence: Becoming an Entrepreneurial Vortex– which had over 5,500 in sales before it was even published – explores the answers to the above questions. 

Money is the releasing agent of momentum (how many poor people have momentum?)  How do the rich and wealthy gain the type of momentum to get R millions, R billions? Did you know that Momentum cultivates opportunities for epiphanies and luck?

The laws of Momentum have already been created, and it’s our responsibility to discover them. David explores the controversial subject of monopolization and how to directly implement these secrets into the marketing and selling of products, services and concepts. 

Building strategic loyalty, Protecting your finances from Manipulators & Partnering with Motivators are amongst the other topics explored in this Dynamic Book!

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