Who Are We?

The Global Equipping Centre (GEC) is an exponential growth catalyst for businesses and non-profit organizations seeking executive coaching, organizational consulting, innovative seminars, and motivational speaking.
Our Executive Coaching Team consists of highly experienced professionals, all who specialize in unique areas of concentration, according to their background and professional training.


David Wilkinson
The Global Equipping Centre, CEO

David Wilkinson, American Citizen and South African resident for 8 years, is a distinguished international speaker and esteemed consultant for government, business, non-profit, and education sectors. 

After receiving his B.A and a M.A., he actively pursued curriculum development for business executives and government leaders, specifically focusing on exponential growth and visionary leadership principles. Now, his courses have impacted leaders on every continent of the world.

David has personally launched 22 multi-national companies, with up to R300m (South Africa) generated revenue and 20% net profit successes (United States).

Having trained Fortune 500 Executives at the Global Automotive Conference and spoken at an International Academic Conference where he presented 7 major papers, David brings the theoretical and the practical together, with an innovative flare. His 20 years of experience as a speaker to millions of people, has given him the ability to conquer audiences of all shapes and sizes, along with the opportunity to serve as an Executive Coach to hundreds of clients around the globe.

In addition, David has spearheaded such ground breaking initiatives as the planting of ½ million gardens which raised millions of dollars for poverty alleviation in third world countries.

David’s trainings and initiatives have impacted leaders of nations, pre-eminent kings and ministers, and every-day business owners and executives, looking to exponentially grow their power base. Futher, David is the author of, ‘Creating Momentum in your Sphere of Influence: Becoming An Entrepreneurial Vortex’ which pre-sold 5500 copies before ever going into print.


Carrie Cox
The Global Equipping Centre, President

Ask Carrie about the best compliment she’s ever received, and she’s quick to say it out loud…

“Man… I bet she’s fun to follow…”

It’s because Carrie’s leadership style is full of dynamic energy and contagious enthusiasm. And over the course of 20 years, she’s consistently and successfully led men, women, and teams through some fairly challenging landscapes that would leave most business executives dropping their jaws in disbelief (fire, floods, bomb threats, HR nightmares, cars driven through the property, lightning strikes, and rouge employees commandeering the business in the middle of the night, just to name a few).

Believe it or not, that’s why Carrie’s speciality is coaching high-level achievers and teams who are stuck – business owners who are unable to get the break-through and needlessly waste time repeating pattern after pattern. She’s an expert at pinpointing inefficiencies, developing strategic systems, and intuitively knowing how to lead your team towards record-breaking sales success. It’s more than “fixing what’s broken”… It’s leading you, or your team, beyond that which you even thought was possible.

With an impressive track record of previous business success, Carrie has served as an upper level executive in several different capacities. She became the only female and the youngest General Manager while working for a publicly traded company, the only female Vice President in a highly vested startup, and has even led her own entrepreneurial ventures coaching women into greater achievements. After working in highly male-dominated industries, Carrie completely understands the pressures of breaking the proverbial glass ceiling… But more than that, she also knows how to pull her fellow female colleagues through that broken ceiling with her.

In short, we know you’ll have to agree…

“She sure is fun to follow.”


James Rice
The Global Equipping Centre, International Managing Partner

With 19 years of experience as a auditor and chartered accountant, James may not fit the profile of what you might consider a “typical business coach”… However, his unique blend of outstanding analytical skills and genuine love for the people he’s coaching, allows him to uncover the essence of nearly any business problem placed before him, quicker than many of his peers.

Further, having worked for nearly 2 decades in demanding situations with corporate mindsets, James also has the discriminating ability to understand what’s happening financially within a business, usually before ever seeing a spreadsheet. It’s that kind of business acumen which fuels his desire to release the full potential in those he’s coaching, while providing his clients with motivation, encouragement, support, and accountability. 

Executive Coaching now for 10 years, James’ greatest successes have been launching many clients out of corporate and into personal businesses, into retirement after stalling for numerous years, or simply progressing into the next season of their lives. James has also served as the GEC project manager for more than 30 events, with over 3000 attendees, related to government, non-profit, education, and business.


Mikaela Wilkinson
The Global Equipping Centre, Director of Special Projects

As the Founder and CEO of Wholistic Consulting Inc., Mikaela was recruited to The GEC because of her expertise in serving global businesses and her uncanny ability to implement unique breakthrough tools in numerous types of companies. 

Because of her specialized background, Mikaela is able to assess potential key clients and encourage current GEC clients to create alignment and flow. Such changes allow clients to maximize their capabilities and further enable business growth by revealing and removing blockages which are often unforeseen.

Mikaela is extremely results driven – and ruthless in her approach – which exposes untapped opportunities that few are able to visualize. The GEC uses her services selectively, because of her high demand.


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