Creating Momentum in Your Sphere of Influence

Creating Momentum in Your Sphere of Influence

Thursday, October 8th, 2020

It's our Signature Event.

As the author of his best-selling book, "Creating Momentum in Your Sphere of Influence," David Wilkinson has studied the hidden underlying principles of how to Generate Momentum, and can pinpoint the the manner in which they begin. Although Momentum can not be fabricated (you either have it, or you don't), it most certainly CAN be instigated. And when you purposefully insert Momentum-Generating principles into your daily business routine, something phenomenal happens...

You become an Entrepreneurial Vortex.

During this dynamic, live workshop, you'll discover the secrets to Generating Momentum, including:

  • Uncovering your most significant, and most often untapped, asset in business
  • Recognizing strategic ways to expand your customer base, based on your own personal and unique synergy
  • Shifting your mentality, in order to see and capitalize on overlooked opportunities to dominate the marketplace
  • Making your product or service "irresistible" to those in need of your services, and essentially drawing them to you on a regular basis

This 6 hour, high-level event will be taught live from 10:00am-4:00pm on October 8th. The event includes David Wilkinson's live teaching, your Creating Momentum workbook, Q&A interactions with David and the GEC Coaching Team, and lunch from Red Lobster.

Attendance to this workshop is extremely limited due to COVID and the size of the training room. Due to current social distancing guidelines, we can only accept 8 people in attendance.

Join us Thursday, October 8th, from 10am-4pm

The GEC Business Offices
333 W Drake Road, Suite #225
Fort Collins, CO

For additional questions, contact us at or #970-286-4544.

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We look forward to sharing the hidden principles of Generating Momentum in your business, and opening the possibility of catapulting your business into unstoppable success.