The GEC Vault


Stepping into New Levels of Success

The GEC VAULT is our exclusive Membership Platform for business professionals who want to improve their level of business acumen, while increasing their own capacity to achieve their personal goals and life-long dreams.

Known as “The Executive Coaching Program”, our curriculum has been honed and developed based on 20+ years of coaching, training and motivational speaking. Originally researched, created and presented by David Wilkinson, the information is applicable for entrepreneurs, leaders, managers, and those who are ready to break-free from the plateaus of life. Although the Executive Coaching Program (ECP) video curriculum was originally designed to offer consistent video training every 30 days, we have taken the opportunity to create more frequent training, in a more accessible format.



You can join The GEC VAULT through a password protected portal and houses the entire 3-year online coaching curriculum, along with other numerous business trainings, webinars, First Friday presentations, Harvard Business Review articles, ECP recommended book reviews, and much more. These trainings are available for you to enjoy again and again – and we’ll be adding new videos and cutting edge materials every month (latest content count = 73 items!).

And of course, you continue to receive 1 on 1 coaching from one of five members of our GEC Executive Coaching team, at the level in which you choose to participate:



The Executive Coaching Program Levels 

LIFE = Working with you on mindset shifts, personal challenges, and giving you the tools to create the life you wish to have, our Life Program sets a firm foundation for future success and growth. 1 coach, 1 hour, $99 per month. Does not include The Vault.

GOLD = Coaching you to greater personal and professional success, our Gold Level blends both life and business coaching and now offers The GEC Vault – a membership only, online platform, which allows you to watch all GEC video trainings from our 3-year curriculum and more, at any time. 1 coach, 1 hour, $250 per month.

PRO = Giving you greater clarity and stronger guidance each month, the Pro Level offers up to 2 coaches, more consistent interaction, and a synergistic momentum which translates into quicker results. 1 or 2 coaches, 2 hours, $500 per month and includes The Vault.

PLATINUM = Where major breakthroughs begin, our Platinum Level is the best place to uncover hidden mindset blockages and experience undeniable business/life transformation. 1 or 2 coaches, 4 hours, $1000 per month and includes The Vault.

EXECUTIVE = Reserved for CEO’s, Business Owners and Upper-Management only, our Executive Coaching Level is rigorous and thorough. You can expect deep accountability, executive-level strategy, advanced leadership training, and significant professional results. 1 coach, 4 hours, $2500 per month and includes The Vault.

The GEC Vault truly is a treasure trove of trainings, tools and teachings after decades of experience in the industry. When coupled with your one-on-one personal coaching sessions, your membership inside The GEC Vault has the opportunity to transform your greatest frustrations into your greatest success.

Join The GEC Vault today by clicking here, or for additional questions, message us directly at, or contact James Rice at 970-302-6193.