DISC Personality Online Course

Unlock the Secrets to Understanding the Personalities Around You

Every personality has a language. And when you start using specific words that touch someone’s unique personality, incredible things begin to happen…

You close more sales.
You know how to motivate and inspire others around you.
You connect with people at a deeper level.
You speak more accurately and are better understood by others.

I'm David Wilkinson

CEO and Founder of
The Global Equipping Centre


For more than 20 years, I’ve been teaching my clients how how to better understand the most important people in their lives, by learning how to “speak” the different personality languages of DISC.

"Most Personality Tests can only show you
stuff about yourself.

My Program exposes the core reasons for the conflicts in your life. And once you see it, I show you how to transform your business, your marriage and your life."

The information within this 4-part video series has saved marriages, revitalized marketing campaigns, tripled company profits, and served as the “ah-ha moment” for solving significant personality conflicts. The content has been thoroughly researched and proven successful time and time again for those who apply it.


When you choose to Unlock the Secrets behind the 4 Personalties, You Will…

  • Discover the four keys to better understanding yourself and others
  • Learn how to motivate those around you to produce even greater results by speaking their distinct personality language
  • Increase your revenue generation by recognizing the language of your customers
  • Create a stress-free business environment through personality management
  • Find out how your specific personality is able to unlock the keys to wealth and relationships

I've personally shared this eye-opening information
with thousands of people...

And here's what they have to say:

"I get it! I better understand my husband, our son, and my business clients. This increased understanding has lead to better and more productive communication in all areas of my life. It's been a huge help to my sales presentations and relationships; to be able to speak someone else's language style so they better understand what I have to offer, is gold!"
Martin and Laurie
"By identifying personality traits of potential clients and then responding according to their way of thinking, my conversion rate rose from 10% to nearly 60%. All because of using DISC."
Small Business Owner
"I would highly recommend developing an understanding of the different personality types, including your own, through DISC."
"Even though I was familiar with DISC and thought I knew it pretty well, it never dawned on me that I could apply those same principles to my online marketing! A total game changer in terms of responses and sales – not to mention a better understanding of WHY my friends and family occasionally think I'm a little crazy... I'm definitely wired differently than they are!"
Online Marketer

With Your Purchase, You Receive:

PART I: Action & Relationships: Understanding Yourself and Others

Module One sets the stage for the entire workshop, providing a solid foundation for why YOU do what YOU do, and why OTHER people in your life do what THEY do! Eye-opening, insightful and fun, this session shows you the strengths and weaknesses of each personality type – as well as the number one thing that’s a “non-negotiable, must-have” for connecting with each type of person. Right away you’ll start to recognize different people in your life… And then perhaps for the first time, you’ll begin to see how many of your co-workers, friends and family members are fundamentally wired in a way that’s completely the opposite of how you think, act, and feel.

PART II: Management & Leadership: Manage/Lead with the Best Motivation

Yes – There’s a technical skill set when it comes to managing and leading, but what separates the good leaders from the truly great ones is knowing how to motivate each personality type in order to bring out the BEST within THEM. Without it, you’ll have significant misunderstandings, high turn-over, low profits, and a trail of burned bridges behind your most important relationships. This module teaches you when to use a ‘soft-approach’ and when to throw-down-the-gauntlet on those within your personal and professional life – and what happens when you use the wrong approach on the wrong person. 


PART III: Marketing & Sales: Marketing to the 4 Felt Needs,

Selling to the 4 Real Needs

Our “secret sauce” if you will, can be found inside this Third Module. Even if you’re someone who’s studied DISC for years, you will leave this session with brand new applications for your business, your social media, and your ability to influence others without being a slimy seller. By the end, you’ll know precisely what makes each personality type say YES, and what you’re doing wrong when they say NO. Much more than simply overcoming objections or adequately communicating value, this portion of the curriculum goes deeper into the psyche behind why each personality type makes a purchase, and how to speak to that particular need before objections even arise.


PART IV: Conflicts & Solutions: Using the Correct Conflict Style

for Each Personality

Conflict is inevitable – but resolving conflict? Well… That’s another story! And to be honest, if you’re a parent, a boss, a sibling, a spouse, or a community leader, you absolutely need to know the reasons WHY the conflict is occurring in the first place. In this module, we truly peel back the onion and show you the deeper layers of how frustration, burnout, and toleration without communication, can cause conflict to escalate in a hurry. Plus, you’ll understand the quickest way to diffuse arguments according to the different personality types and how to positively engage in the conflict without fear of losing the relationship. Putting these steps into practice allows you to STOP potential misunderstandings before they ever start – because you’ll be able to see them coming from a mile away.

This information took me years to create. 

I’ve personally taught these concepts to thousands of people at: 

Corporate Conferences

Relationship Training

Community Group Events

Business Workshops 

Live Webinars

and in my One-On-One Coaching Sessions


But I've never made it available online to anyone
outside our Coaching Program...

Until Now.

You Receive:

- 4 different video modules

- 6 hours of training

- 36-page, full color, downloadable workbook

- Dozens of 'ah-ha moments' and the immediate opportunity to improve your family relationships and personal interactions.

One-Time Purchase = $99


This isn’t a monthly program. 

There are no recurring memberships. 

You will not be charged annually. 

A one-time purchase is all we ask.

A one-time purchase
that will change your life (if you let it).


For many of you, this course has potential to impact you and your life in a significant way. But for some of you, simply purchasing this course will not be enough…

If you learn best in a team atmosphere, with the opportunity to ask questions and verbally process the material you’re internalizing, then our Advanced DISC Facilitation program is best for you.

Lead by GEC DISC Facilitation Expert James Rice, you will receive all of the exact same modules and information as listed above – PLUS you’ll be personally guided through the course in a small group setting (3 or less). By joining our Facilitation Option at $199, you will walk through each module with greater depth, have the chance to ask questions in a live Q&A virtual setting, interact with others, and receive the benefit of hearing how someone else is experiencing and applying the information you’ve just learned.

In short – your transformation can be solidified in a deeper, more meaningful way, because of the additional insights you’ll receive from your peers.

This Advanced Study Option is a one-time purchase of $199 and includes 4 hours of personalized Facilitated Training with a GEC DISC Facilitation expert.

To participate in our DISC Facilitation Program, simply choose the $199 option when you click “buy now”. We will automatically add you to a virtual small group program and personally contact you regarding the details of how to begin.

Still have questions?

You can call and speak directly with my #1 DISC Facilitation Expert, James Rice. 970-302-6193

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