Here’s What They Say…

At the Global Equipping Centre, we’re nothing if not for the success of our clients.

When we asked our clients about the results of their business after working with the GEC, here’s what they told us…


“If it wasn’t for your coaching program, I would not still be in business.” Karin

“You have helped me achieve the highest income in our business’ history” (this statement comes from several business owners whose businesses range from 10 -50 years in age) Hank, Rona, Sarah

“I have doubled my income twice in the past 5 years.” Daleen 

“You helped me shut down my business which I was unable to do on my own. And now, I am so much more happier!” Pedrie

“You have helped me hire the right people, and get rid of the wrong people in my business, and now it’s achieving greater results than it ever has!” Melanie

“I have saved more this year in your ECP than I have my entire life!” Daniel

“I was interviewed for National television which was something you and I desired in the ECP.” Dr Isak

“We had our highest revenue 4 months in a row, in our 7 year history, in the ECP.” Sarah

“I was able to retire after 2 years in the ECP.” Cheryl

“You helped me launch my first business, and we acquired 90 clients in our first 90 days!” Wihan


To learn more about how you can become our next success story,
contact us at email@TheGECsa.com or #970-302-6193.