Motivational Speaking

At The GEC, our forte is offering opportunities for your networking group, team, or business to be impacted by a new way of thinking after attending one of our presentations. Here’s just a smattering of our most popular topics – which always receive the highest amount of positive feedback:



Creating Momentum in Your Sphere of Influence

What is momentum? And how do you, as a business owner or leader, create it and maintain it? The answer lies in your “sphere of influence”…

In this presentation, you’ll learn how to take your sphere of influence and how to thrust your momentum into becoming an Entrepreneurial Vortex… A vortex which comprehensively and categorically, moves your business forward in ways you’ve never seen before.

We’ve seen businesses immediately increase their sales, and close the largest deals of their lives shortly after (and sometimes during) this thought-provoking presentation.

Millionaire Networking Mindset

Most organizations believe in networking, but hardly any businesses have a plan to incorporate this vital component in their overall yearly strategy. In this dynamic presentation you will learn:

  1. How to convert meetings into money
  2. Develop a yearly networking strategy     
  3. Understand the 8 steps of effective networking and how to become an expert networker

If you believe networking is a waste of time, you have not yet found your Domino Effect Individual…

Increasing Your Performance by Unlocking Your Personality

Part I: Personalities; Relationships & Action.
Part II: Personalities; Management & Leadership.
Part III: Personalities; Marketing & Sales.
Part III: Personalities, Conflicts & Resolutions.

This workshop, is where your team will finally begin to understand how personality differences dominate their day to day difficulties in business. The foundational session is where DISC personalities are explained. This information immediately creates unity, understanding, and bonds your team together. Your managers/leaders will then be able to lead/manage others more effectively once they understand how different personalities react to rewards and external motivators.

Further, many individuals in marketing and sales miss their quotas because they don’t understand their customers. In this session we target the four felt needs, and sell to the four real needs, of all four personality types of your clients. And, by understanding the five conflict styles and applying them to each personality, you’re almost guaranteed to decrease employee frustrations, while increasing their motivation and productivity.

A Unique Legal Entrapment: Monopolizing Secrets to Capture Your Customers

Scores of global brands have learned the secrets of capturing customers.

Using the principle of entrapment, they specifically choose products and services that will developinto a need or want in their customers. What are these secrets? And how can you use them for your business today?

By the end of this presentation, you’ll be motivated to harness the power of your creativity, and use it to strategically market your products and services to those who want and need what your company has to offer… Just like the big brands do…

Numerous other topics available including Positive Provocative Conflict, Re-Building the Culture of your Company after a Crisis, Synergistic Profitable Alliances for Your Business and more. For additional information, customized topic formulation, and/or speaking availability and fees, please contact us at or 970-302-6193.



Embrace Your Bold Brand

After giving this presentation to hundreds of women, I can tell you that EVERYONE has something about themselves they’re trying to hide. It might be a fascination with a certain hobby, something within their life they don’t want people to know about, or even a semi-obsessive following of something that’s deemed culturally “weird”.

Yet, when you allow yourself to be bold and embrace who you are at your core, incredible things happen. In fact, when you “get comfortable” with that which you’re trying to hide, it’s easy to watch the universe begin to align in your favor, giving you exactly what you need (and unlocking that which has held you back).

This presentation provides healing, offers acceptance without judgement, and encourages women to embrace their bold brand, with an abundance of humor and grace.


Multiple Role Roulette: Why Women Gamble Away their Happiness

Women carry the unique challenge of balancing multiple roles at the same time. What’s worse, is society tells us we can, “do anything we want” – but most of the time, WE DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT WE REALLY WANT – lol!!!

This presentation focuses on the difficulties of being a Mother, a Wife (or having a significant other), and a Career-Woman in the 21st century. We explore the reasons why so many hard-working, successful women who have tackled each of these areas, still feel unfulfilled with their personal choices. We address the base-line of happiness, how frustration and dissatisfaction lead to personal deception, and why leaning into your most primary role (whichever one of the 3 it is), will always be a safe bet for you.

More often than not, we hear women say over and over again how they’ve never heard the concepts outlined in this presentation before, how they wish someone would’ve told them about the 3 roles earlier in their lives, and how true balance requires the release of guilt and shame for not “doing what everyone else is doing.” After all, when you wager on your primary role first, it pays off every time.

It’s Not You, It’s Me (Understanding Personality Conflicts)

You’ll never be truly accepting of those around you, until you’re willing to understand how you’re doing an incredible job of annoying someone else.

That’s what happens when personalities clash. And too many times, we take a look at the offender, rather than trying to understand how our personality may have potentially set-off such an unsettling and annoying response in someone else. The good news is, you can adapt your personality in subtle ways, which won’t compromise who you are as a person, and will allow you to reach your mutual goals.

Doesn’t matter if it’s a family member, a boss, or the person you go out of your way to avoid – this presentation will outline the reasons why you clash, and digs deep into what you can do to remove the friction between the two of you. By the end of the event, you’ll honestly be able to relax, take a deep breath, smile and say, “It’s not you – it’s me.”

 Numerous other topics available including, “How to Get 12,000 views on your Website (the first day!) and other Social Media Strategies for Success. For additional information, customized topic formulation, and/or speaking availability and fees, please contact us at or 970-286-4544.