Increasing Your Performance by Unlocking Your Personality

Increasing Your Performance by Unlocking Your Personality

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Traditional wisdom says, if you're having trouble closing the sale, either there's something wrong with the offer, or there's not enough value in the sale. However, I believe closing the sale can be as simple as changing your communication style.

When you start using specific words that touch someone's unique personality, sales really start to happen.

During this 5-hour, online webinar, you’ll learn more about yourself, and be challenged to apply these personality truths to your business in a new way:

- Discover the four keys to better understanding yourself and others
- Learn how to motivate those around you to produce even greater results by speaking their distinct personality language
- Increase your revenue generation by recognizing the language of your customers
- Create a stress-free business environment through personality management
- Find out how your specific personality is able to unlock the keys to wealth and relationships

This workshop is as practical as it is deep - and as compelling as it is profitable.

When you purchase this webinar, you'll also receive a full-color, PDF booklet to fill-in while participating.

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International speaker David Wilkinson is the facilitator who has personally launched 22 multi-national companies, with up to $30 million generated revenue and 20% net profit successes. Having trained Fortune 500 Executives at numerous levels, his insights in the areas of management, leadership, marketing and sales, have the potential to revolutionize your business framework. David is also keen at bringing both the theoretical and the practical together, with an innovative flair during each presentation he delivers.